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When you require commercial laundry equipment for any part of the industrial laundering process, please get in touch with Laundry Equipment Ltd. That's because we have all of the laundry equipment you will ever need to wash, dry & iron your industrial laundry to the very highest of standards – & all in double quick time.

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We offer a comprehensive range of options in terms of laundry equipment rental, and this includes the following services:

Washing Machines - Commercial Rental

If you are looking to hire one or more of our industrial or commercial washing machines, please get in touch with us here at Laundry Equipment. And you can rest assured that our commercial washing machine leasing service is ideal for an extensive range of different businesses, click here for more info..

Tumble Dryers - Commercial Rental

In commercial settings, tumble dryers are an absolute necessity. That's because of the quick turnaround times that are expected in hotels, care homes, restaurants and many other commercial and industrial environments. That's why, in addition to our washing machine hire and rotary iron hire services, we also provide commercial tumble dryer leasing, click here for more info..

Rotary Irons - Commercial Rental

If you're looking for a top quality rotary ironer rental service, then please contact Laundry Equipment for rotary irons that are both affordable and entirely fit for purpose. We ensure this is the case by only dealing with highly reputable manufacturers in order to give you complete peace of mind that you're renting laundry equipment of the highest order, click here for more info..

No matter what business you're in, however big or small, we're sure that we can fulfil any criteria that you set in regards to the cleaning, drying and ironing of laundry. So whether you're interested in commercial laundry equipment leasing on behalf of a large hotel chain or are the manager of a small independent care home, we'll work hard to make sure that you get the perfect pieces of laundry equipment.

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